Damco Group in Quebec!

After several months of negotiation, Groupe Damco decided to join the development consortium of Beaubourg and Nova Construction to unite their expertise in order to develop the commercial and residential real estate market in the Greater Québec City area.
The combined strengths of these three experts in real estate development, management and construction will open the door to several major projects on the north shore as well as on the south shore of Québec City.
Mr. Jamil Cheaib is the main founder of the Adonis Markets, established in 1979; It is well known in the Montreal area for these supermarkets that specialize in food products from the Middle East. In addition, he also founded the company Phenicia - Cedar specializing in the importation of this type of products. Passionate and anxious about detail and quality, Cheaib makes a success of everything that animates him. Two years ago, his ambition turned to real estate development, where he opened the company Groupe Damco to allow his sons to follow him in another part of his career: Real Estate Development. Mr. Guy St-Gelais, President of Développement Beaubourg, combines expertise in residential and commercial real estate development of medium and high density and in hotels for many years. Combined with the collaboration of different professionals, it allows to offer an exceptional level of quality to the projects developed. By its distinctive approach, it generates an incomparable success rate and a significant reduction of the financial risks for all the participants linked to a project. It is therefore a recognized real estate partner and has distinguished itself in various major projects in the major regions of Québec and Montréal for the quality

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